Procrastination Doesn’t Pay

 It’s amusing to me that I have a cleaning blog, considering what a mess my house is tonight. Truly, it’s terrible. And yet, here I sit, blogging. Family will be here tomorrow and my house looks like…well…kind of like this…

I fail at cleaning.

So guess what I’ll be doing tonight? I know, but jealousy isn’t becoming on anyone so try to contain yourself.
To my credit, I did sweep the floor earlier. A small victory as I swept up all of the little cardboard pieces that our cats have shredded off of their scratcher box into a small pile.

And then….

Neko attacked it and ran away. Now it is a rather large pile. Sigh. See him under the chair admiring his handy work? Jerk.

On tap for the rest of my night, is making a lovely, albeit overly sweet Oreo dessert…

…and more cleaning than I feel like doing, but I guess I had it coming. Procrastination doesn’t pay. One of these days I will figure that out, today however, is not that day. I think I’ll go read the news just a little bit longer before I get back to cleaning….

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