Desert Assault Part One

(Since Angelica refuses to water poor Dustin, I’ve staged a military assault on him while she’s at work)
Poor Dustin.
I imagine he once had a most fulfilling life, complete with sunshine, a caring hand that pruned away dead leaves, and water every now and then. In the last year his life has changed drastically, only to omit all of those things.
His current lifestyle has left him susceptible to certain problems….

The dusty terrain in which he dwells is a perfect environment for a tactical desert assault. The intent of their mission is still unclear to me, but their urgency was palpable.
Were they here to gather intel for a future attack?
Were they scouting out a location for new base camp?
Or were they simply hoping to escape the terror on the other side of the glass?
I’m still not sure, but it will be interesting to see how things develop…



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