Taking a Stand – Desert Assault Part Four

Exhausted both physically and mentally, the brave soldiers continued on their journey. As they began to approach the threshold into the next territory, they braced themselves for the dangers they knew awaited them.

“Stop!” Frank yelled to his friends as danger loomed near. Assuming a defensive position, they hoped for the best….
Carl closed his eyes. All he could think about was getting back home and hitting the pub. After this mission, he was going to need it. When he opened his eyes, the unthinkable had happened…
“FRANK! NO!” In the face of terror, Carl felt his knees give way underneath him.
Earl held his breath and stood perfectly still as the monster approached. He could feel it’s hot breath upon him. It smelled like Friskies and litter. He closed his eyes.
Earl could feel the sweat dripping down his forehead. The fear was palpable. Was this the end of the line?

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