New Years 2013

For New Years Eve, our Landlady invited us out to her lake property for a bonfire. For those not familiar with the Spokane area, Newman lake is a pretty lake surrounded by cute little cabins about 100 million miles outside of Spokane.
After a drive that felt like years through the fog and over icy roads, we finally arrived. Carrene had really put on a spread. In addition to us, there were three other couples. Everyone was really nice.

This was amazing!
The fire started out pretty small, but after a while it put off some serious heat, which was much appreciated as it was a steady 24 degrees out that night. Eventually the snow melted on my boots from the heat of the bonfire.
So cold!

Carrene also made up a ton of Jell-O shots.
We left the lake and made it home by close to 11pm. In our final hour of 2012 we thawed out, took a call from Angelica and Jessica wishing us a happy new year, and adorning Neko in festive ribbon.
Yeah…no one parties like us 🙂

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