My Day in Pictures

Friday started off with so much promise.

An appointment at Carrington College was supposed to go smoothly.

A celebratory pizza party was to be the conclusion of what should have been an awesome day.
Instead my day went something like this:
Morning came waaay to early.
Quick cup of coffee and out the door into the freezing cold. 
 Angelica was running a few minutes behind.


The appointment went perfectly…until the last few minutes when they dropped the bomb that we would have to move someplace stupid for the last year of a two-year program. 

Needless to say, we walked out feeling slightly deflated.
When we got home, Angelica took a nap

And then Jessica stole her coffee

Later in the evening, Angelica and I looked at other school ideas and she began to feel a little better…
It’s going to be a busy weekend, lots of research and planning to do. With any luck, by Monday we should have a direction.
For tonight though, sleepiness is settling in…
And on that note, I bid everyone a good night.



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