Pinterest Fail and Other Excitement

Today was house cleaning day, and while most of it is done, the rest will have to wait as blogging right now is much more interesting.

What’s New?

Tomorrow we make a trip to the college to talk about the radiology program. I can only hope it’s more feasible than the place we visited. My concerns are being able to do clinicals locally and the time it will take to get the pre reqs done in relation to the cut-off date to apply.
Launie scared the crap out of Neko last night with a bowl of milk. He set it down for Neko to drink and stood back to watch. Neko approached the bowl and began backing up quickly; fur all burred up as he ran from the room. Sigh.

We have been holding on to the wrapping paper from Christmas as it makes for great cat toys. We would give them one piece at a time and clean it up after they shredded it to the point that it was no longer fun. The other day, we decided to spoil them and dump the whole bag on the floor for them.
We are awesome pet owners 🙂
On Pinterest the other day, I found something about making fake poop out of a toilet paper roll.
Looked easy enough so I did it. Seemed like the perfect prank to play on Angelica.
After several attempts I keep coming up with this:

yeah, that’s not going to work. Pin Fail.
I hope to get some posts up on my cleaning blog tonight. I’m trying to busy myself until tomorrow when I can get some answers. The wait is agonizing right now! Perhaps I’ll peruse Pinterest tonight for some more ideas. I’m sure Angelica would appreciate it.

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