The Adventure of Angelica’s Lighter, Carlos

Today, Angelica’s lighter confided in me his deepest concerns. Trapped in a cold hot tub room day in and day out, his only wish was to get out more. I told him that Angelica would miss him and that perhaps someday we could make that happen.
For Carlos, today was that day.
When I returned home from a brief visit, I emptied my pockets and was shocked to see a little stow-away. Carlos and leapt into my pocket and hitched a ride.
I decided to put Carlos to work immediately upon his own insistence that he wasn’t useful enough in his life upstairs.  There was a strange smell in the kitchen emanating from the trash. Carlos insisted that he should help, as it had to be something that Angelica threw in there. He’s so kind.
Elated and oozing joy, Carlos said we should play hide-and-seek…


Upon his last couple of hiding attempts, he made some errors in judgement that he since regrets
Afterwards he took a brief break
Now he was ready to take on the world, so I figured what the heck, he doesn’t get out much. Why not indulge him?

Apparently Carlos had never seen snow before
He even got to meet some new friends…
By the time he returned, Carlos was so hyped he decided to play hide-and-seek once again…
Whoa buddy, too far.
So now I guess we just sit and wait for Angelica to come and pick him up. He’s tired and ready to return. It’s been quite the day.

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