Could This be….Christmas Spirit?

We have a tree!! After being married for five years, this will be the first time we’ve actually really done Christmas. Launie has always had Christmas spirit, it’s me who cringes at holiday music and silly figurines of Santa. This year though, something has changed…and dare I say, I think I like it?

We ordered our tree online and it came yesterday. No, I don’t want to be one of those people who decorates before Thanksgiving, but we set it up to make sure all the lights worked, and as you can see, they did! However, after all the effort it took fanning out all those little branches, the last thing we want to do is stuff it back in the box for a couple weeks and start over. So now it’s sitting in the corner where it will remain until it’s time to decorate. Eeek! I’m actually really excited about this.

While I have always preferred real over plastic trees, this one is special. It’s not the pretty little lights or the pretty white color, but the fact that it’s ours. Mushy, I know, but I actually don’t care. J
Today we bough some ornaments. Not much, just a few. Some will go onto the tree, and others will become decorations.

I’m not big into crafts…in fact, I’m really not into crafts at all, but there are a few things I want to do this season to pretty things up. I’ll post them up here so we can all laugh together as I potentially mess them up! OR, maybe I won’t mess them and they will be stunning! We’ll see.

Last night Launie and I went into the basement and recovered some old Christmas things that have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We’re going to go through it to determine what, if any of it is usable.

In other news, our last book report is due tomorrow, and I have got to start thinking of tackling my final project. For one of my classes, it’s all about me…now how to do this without boring people to death….I figure, if nothing else, it will at least be funny.

Speaking of funny, before I get off here for the night, here’s a picture of my pretty white kitty with lipstick on his head. HIS fault, not mine.

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