My Face is a Deadline and Other Nonsensical Musings of the Day

It’s sad that it’s 8:30pm and I feel like it’s time to climb into bed and burrow under the covers until morning. The thought is tempting, but I know there’s other things I need to be doing, so here I am….blogging in a groggy haze.
So Angelica had some strange words for me tonight
I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds bad.  I tried Googling it, but came up with nothing that my tired brain could make a joke out of. Any ideas?

Before the exhaustion hit, I managed to go though that box of Christmas decorations tonight and separate them into piles. I found a few things that are going to be usable this year, I like the idea of blue ornaments in our blue living room on the white tree.
I also found lots of fake greenery I can use for the stairwell and a little heart shaped wreath for the door upstairs.
I’m trying to plan the meal and snacks for the occasion and I keep coming back to this
In other news, Angelica is working again, I thought I should point out…
I’m not the only one excited J

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