Catching Up

The cooler air is pushing its way in. The leaves are beginning to change to their autumn colors, and summer is officially over. I look forward to summer every year, but by the time it’s gone I’m ready for the fall. The change of wardrobe, pumpkin spice, cute little pumpkins that I feel inclined to buy but have no practical use for, and the bugs…..
I found a giant spider just chilling in the middle of the dining room last night….like he felt he somehow belonged there. Even the cats didn’t seem to care. Sigh…This is the biggest downside to fall. Every giant spider in the local area decides that MY house is apparently a cool hangout and they all invite themselves in without hesitation. This problem persists until winter comes and it’s too cold for both them and me. On second thought, I can’t wait for summer.

Speaking of summer, to back track for a moment, I promised pics of the meal I was making and here they are

The pie was a success….the only complaint was that it takes on an almost crunchy consistency in the freezer. The crystallized texture wasn’t all that great. I put it into the fridge and it was much better the next time we had it. The low country boil was great. I actually made it again just recently, but loaded it up on skewers instead.
It’s going to be a late night of homework tonight, but there’s a few things to look forward to here.
Denny’s study session!
 (Fries make math a little better….)
Then a late night of watching a boring movie for film class and baking cookies J
It’s going to be a fun night!

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