Dear Michael

So my dear friend Michael finds a spider on his house today. To clarify, this wasn’t a small spider. This wasn’t even a medium sized spider….
It. Was. Huge.
So what does Michael do?



I have this gloriously funny mental image of you standing next to this behemoth of a spider, texting and facebooking away.
Now imagine a spider that big, chillin on your house…just waiting for that perfect opportunity to be IN your house! Did you think you were going to cyber bully it into leaving, Michael?
What if it gets bigger?
I’m pretty sure that spider classifies as large enough to call the fire department or maybe the police? I’ve discovered in Spokane that they don’t do much else….maybe they can come out and take care of that!
 If all else fails, you could consider moving….
I think a spider of that size fully warrants this

Since you haven’t done anything yet about this predicament, I hope you at least lock up tonight and consider not leaving the house….

It’s waiting for you….

One thought on “Dear Michael

  1. Haha you are too funny Melynda. If it makes you feel better, I wasn't standing there Facebooking… I had to zoom in as best as I could from the distance I was at. I was too afraid to get close and have it attack me. I face booked it while in the car on my way to work! Plus tomorrow I'm going to kill it… burn it alive!

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