Launie’s shirt is ruined.
He bought a few black t-shirts a few weeks back, and lately, it’s all he wants to wear. I can’t say that I blame him. They’re soft and comfortable and most importantly, one of his favorite colors.
Now…it’s ruined. Well, one of them at least. Maybe two. I’m not certain.

(The evil culprit)

It all began last night as we were about to climb into bed. I was already snuggled beneath my various blankets I have on my side of the bed. (I hate being cold) Launie was finishing up whatever it was he was doing and came in a few minutes later. Neko had snuggled up against his pillow and was anxiously awaiting his arrival. Every noise Launie made throughout the still house caused Neko’s ears to move in this direction or that.

Finally Launie comes into the bedroom. As he leans over to pet Neko and encourage him to move from his spot, Neko stands up and brushes against his chest. In his black shirt.

There are now approximately three pieces of white fur on Launie’s black t-shirt.
Today, as we’re sitting on the patio, enjoying the gorgeous fall weather, Launie looks down at his freshly donned black t-shirt.
There are about 5 pieces of white fur scattered about the front of the shirt. He hadn’t pet Neko since he put it on. His brow slightly furrows in distress.
Two of his three pack of t-shirts have been completely obliterated. Demolished. Utterly annihilated.

There is but one black shirt remaining. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get to the point where he must get dressed off site at a secret location. I imagine it something akin to a fortress where all his clothes are protected in a sealed chamber.

Busted! He just peeked over my shoulder and is making me add in that it will be a “cool superman ice fortress”
And on that note….we had beef stew for dinner tonight. It turned out awesome.
Launie accidentally got two small drops on his last black t-shirt…
And then there were none…


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