Do You Want to Build an Igloo?

My dinner. Pissed. My. Mother. Off.
I’m not quite sure how, she’s not unaware of my absurd obsession with late night greasy diner food.


But somehow, I’ve really done it this time.

I’d be more offended, I guess, but this IS the woman who had rotisserie chicken, ravioli, a mysterious vegetable, and an English muffin for dinner the other night.
Seriously. Her meals resemble the ingredients pulled out of a basket on Chopped or an Iron Chef special.


So, I saw this the other day… This guy built a legit igloo! Holy crap! I need this in my life. Seriously. I have begun to wonder how I have live thus far without an igloo. Opportunities like this don’t come around every day! I’ve got a crap ton of snow and more on the way…omg. I naturally assumed that my partner in crime Angelica would be all over this!

via GIPHY “Do you want to build an igloo?”

To which she responded
It’s starting to look like if I want an igloo, I’m going to have to build it myself. Seems like a shame to let all of this snow go to waste.
Actually, there’s another thing I’d love to do before all this snow goes away. Remember the Calvin and Hobbes comics where they build a bunch of snowmen and block the road or driveway?
Good luck going to the store tomorrow, Angelica.

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