Six Ways I Distracted Myself Last Week

So, if you’re like me, and the majority of Americans this week, you’ve likely been trying to slap yourself hard enough to wake up from this collective bad dream we’re all having. I’ve been trying to break my old habits, such as NOT getting up and reading the news first thing in the morning or delving into Facebook  before my morning coffee has kicked in. Starting the day off pissed doesn’t really accomplish anything good.

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is stay busy and happily distracted. How, you may ask? Here’s my Top Six.
#1   Frozen Bubbles!
My mother has been obsessing over the idea of going outside and blowing bubbles and watching them freeze every year for as long as I can remember. Once a year, on no specific date, she treks out into her back yard armed with a bottle of Dollar Store bubbles. I imagine at this juncture she says a little prayer to the bubble gods, performs a fancy intricate interpretive dance in the snow, and then proceeds to blow around a hundred bubbles that plop pathetically onto the ground and break.
This year I decided to Google it and see what’s up. Apparently, Dollar Store bubbles are not going to work for this. Ever. You have to make your own solution and the temperature has to much colder than Mom likes to go outside in. I looked at several places, the solution recipe was pretty much the same, but people were having decent success at around 30 below….yeah, that’s not happening. So, I tried it at 7 degrees and
Victory is mine!!
Granted, these are not the beautiful frosted orbs that I kept finding on other people’s blogs, but they are indeed frozen.
#2   I Made Experimental Foods!
I go through phases. One week I’ll want to order exotic spices from India and make culinary delicacies with colorful plates and invite over everyone I know, and the next week it’s Hot Pockets and Cheeze-Its for the win. This week was more leaning toward the first mindset. I made two things I’ve never made before: Homemade chili and I roasted a spaghetti squash!
Both were a success.
It’s funny, when I cook something that doesn’t turn out like it could be on one of those Pinterest Fail sites I get so excited. I strut around the house like I just won Iron Chef or something. I puff up and develop a definite swagger to my walk for the rest of the day. I even dance.

#3   I Wrote an Ekphrastic Poem!
For those of you who have no idea what that is (like I didn’t before last week), it’s a poem based off of a piece of art. Basically, you look at a painting and write a poem about it.
I want to row, she says, and then looks away
I’m enjoying the rhythmic pules of the water of the bay.
No, I reply, I won’t let you do that
It’s bad enough Mum made us wear the same hat.
The clouds looked so soft, like cream spilled onto blue-
If you won’t let me row the boat, I’ll tell Mum on you
Small waves lapped the boat, a steady pulsating sound
My sister stares deviously at the small piece of chocolate she just found
Where did you get that? I sorely demand.
I snuck it in the hem of my dress she says as she pulls back her hand
Your hands are busy since you wont let me row
I only brought one because I knew it’d be so
With a hideous smile, like a demon in lace
She quickly stuffs the confection in her face
Mum said that we this would be good for us, a day on the water
To cool off tempers that kept getting hotter.
Now our mother will pine for her two lost daughters, her and me
As I let go and watch the oars drift away in the sea.
#4   We Got Snowed In!
The massive snow blanket that was resting on our garage roof came down the other day and boxed us into the garage. It took us two days to dig out of it. With the constant onslaught of snow, freezing temps, more snow, more freezing, and finally rain and temps in the 40’s, it’s been a rough winter this year.
#5   I Admired Neko’s Cat Yoga

Look at him sleeping with his foot ON HIS HEAD! Why can’t I be this flexible?  I mean, I guess I could, but it’d likely take more work than I’m currently willing to put in. For now, I’ll just complain about it.
#6   I Read an Exciting Coffee Article
For all of my friends that live cup to cup like me, this is it. This talks about all of the amazing things that coffee can do. AMAZING THINGS. And the people in the study drank five cups a day! FIVE CUPS! Omg. I’m going to have to buy stock in Green Mountain Coffee because that’s where all of my money is going to be going. Given that I’m taking five, FIVE, classes this quarter, I’m going to be downing an awful lot of coffee. (Like I don’t already anyway).


And that’s been my week of distractions. How about you guys? How have you guys been distracting yourselves this week?

2 thoughts on “Six Ways I Distracted Myself Last Week

  1. I have never heard of frozen bubbles ever… that is amazing! But remind me to never be where it is 7 degrees or 30 below…i’m good with my life free of such cold. But if I am…hmmm… ya I won’t be. But good idea, love it.

    1. Nothing ever prepared me for this kind of cold! Tried to make the best of this winter…but nearly froze to death! I don’t know how people live in Alaska. This is already too cold for me!

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