Coffee Cravings and Late Night Rap Battles

An unexpected foot of snow, dangerously low caffeine levels, and a never-ending stack of homework to get through on a tight deadline can cause a person to act in unexpected ways. For us, this manifested in a moonlit snow shoveling frenzy to unbury Angelica’s car from the foot of fresh powder that imprisoned it.

(You can barely see Angelica’s car buried in the snow!)

It’s funny how easy they make snow-shoveling look on TV. A transplant from the Seattle area, this is something I will never get used to.


Though in all fairness, Launie handles the shoveling around here. I only helped this time given the magnitude of the situation.

About a quarter of the way through we heard it. At first it sounded a bit like a small animal being strangled. As the sound came closer it was discernible as some kind of yelling. Really? Can’t we just get our coffee without someone having a crisis? I’m immediately annoyed. It reminded me of the last house we lived at. There was this lady who used to jog by our house a couple of times a week. I know, this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but she must have been 150 years old. Kudos on one hand for the effort. One the other hand, she looked like she was about to face plant with Every.Single.Step. It was excruciating every time we saw her. There came this anxious obligation to keep an eye on her until she got down the road and out of sight,… which took like half an hour.

The sound comes closer. It started to sound less like random yelling, and more like…lyrics. Dear God, I think he’s “singing,” or at least trying to anyway. It’s not pretty.

Again with people randomly singing.

Though this should have creeped me out, despite all logic, it didn’t. It ignited something. I felt…challenged.

If it’s a rap battle he wants, it’s a rap battle he’ll get.


As I steadied myself for what would surely be the most epic rap battle of our generation, dude quietly walks past us. Not a word. NOT A SINGLE WORD.

You’ve got to be kidding me! Opportunities like that don’t come around everyday!!

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What the Hell??

I wanted to call the guy back! Chase him down the street. Jump in front of him and throw down some mad lyrics…

And then I remember that I am not a rapper. I can maybe make things rhyme when I have hours to sit and stare at a word document for hours just to write a poem for class. I’m pretty sure that’s not how rap battles work.

Sigh. Back to shoveling.

The good news is that we were able to successfully dig out and Angelica got us to Dutch Brothers without killing us, so yay for that!

Victory Coffee!
I told Angelica she’s a hero for her bravery of getting us all the way downtown and back. She shrugs it off. Little does she know, I’m slowly working on subliminally trying to convince her to be one of those “Real Life Super Heroes.” I don’t personally know any superheroes and would like to. Rather than being social and going out to meet them, I’m going to slowly create my own.
Just wait. You’ll see.

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