My Completely Hopeless Argument for a Sphynx

If you’re a cat person with a few fuzzy little roommates like myself, there are just some things you come to accept. Cat hair on every surface of your home is one of them.

Some people jokingly say it’s an “accessory.” As a person who loves to wear black, Neko “accessorizes” me in the most noticeable way. I own like four lint rollers and take precautions to keep him away from my clothing. It helps…some… Then there are those people who use it to make accessories…


Or this person who makes hats for cats with their own fur…

I do what I can to keep up with it. We have a little handheld Shark vacuum and I try to brush as often as they’ll let me. For Jamie, it’s not an issue. I could brush him all day. Neko on the other hand… Neko would sever my fingers off at the knuckles before he’ll let me get anywhere near him with that nonsense. I’ve never seen a cat get so pissed when it comes to brushing. It’s like it offends him or something.

“What? You don’t think I can take care of my own fur?”

It never NEVER ends well so I’ve basically given up on brushing anyway. I have not given up on looking for work arounds.

Shaving them would be entirely too much work…oh AND they’d look ridiculous. Though the thought has fleetingly crossed my mind once or twice; particularly when I’m rage cleaning the fur blanket that has formed on the back of my couch.

So I began wondering…what about hairless cats? Just imagine! All of the joy of a cat with none of the pesky fur! Launie has been…hesitant? I guess that’s a nicer way of saying vehemently opposed. He looked simultaneously confused and disgusted the first time I brought it up and showed him a picture. He just kind of looked at me with this “What the heck is that?” look on his face.

Launie’s Logic:

“If someone were to ask you to describe a cat, what would you say? It’s a furry little creature-“ he cuts off

FURRY.” (<—- Fervent reiteration)

He looks at the picture of the hairless cat I have up on my monitor. “How do you even know that’s a cat??”


Super disgusted. Like disgusted with a cape. He’s not having any of it.

I show him this:

And I’m pretty sure THIS is what he sees:

What I see when I look at him looking at a hairless cat:



It looks like I won’t be getting one anytime soon.

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