Origin of the “Fan Brush” Legacy

I fail at being a girl sometimes. Particularly when it comes to makeup. As much common ground as Angelica and I share, the subject of makeup is one big murky divide.

Easily over half of the makeup/makeup accessories that Angelica owns, I have no clue what it is or what it does….and given that Angelica owns enough makeup to paint the faces of every man, woman, and child in the northern hemisphere for a week, it’s safe to say that I’m fairly makeup inept.

Me buying makeup: Is it red? Do I know what part of my face to apply it to? Is it cheap? Awesome. I’ll take it.

It isn’t uncommon for me to find things in Angelica’s apartment that render a “What the heck is this?” reaction. Out of all the fun discoveries I’ve made there, Fan Brush is my all time favorite.

“Why does this brush look all smooshed?”

“It’s not smooshed. It’s a fan brush-“

(The EXACT moment where my weird brain kicks in)

“A fan brush?” I could barely get the words out over the giggling. “Like, do you set it on your vanity and it cheers you on?”


Angelica’s face looked a little like the emoji.


I waved the brush at her, “You go girl! Great job on that color match!”

<— Angelica’s face

“No. Put that back.”


It was far too late at that point, however, and Fan Brush was born.


“Look at you ROCKING that RED!” – Fan Brush


“You get that crazy cat’s tummy! You’re a fearless woman!” – Fan Brush


“Your eyebrow game is ON POINT! You’re on FIRE!” – Fan Brush


 “You GO! You make smug faces at that tiny suitcase!! I’m sure it deserved it!” – Fan Brush


Wow. I may need to a get a Fan Brush of my own now.


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12 thoughts on “Origin of the “Fan Brush” Legacy

  1. Lol this was so funny! I actually showed my auntie a fan brush recently and her exact words were, “that’s a weird looking brush.. did someone sit on it or something?!”

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