This is a Happy World #1

People helping people. People helping cats. Could there be anything happier. Welcome to the first episode  of This is a Happy World. This is a series that covers news about happy things, and silly things people do. A series, regardless of what else is happening, will let us LaughAnyway.

This is my first post on, and I am happy to be here. I must admit this is a bit out of my element. I am known to be a bit stoic. And not funny. In fact. My writing is a bit…disheartening. But today I am writing for This is a Happy World.

Our first story comes from Clarksville, Tennessee. Thomas Mitchell is a substitute bus driver, but his main job is as a mechanic. Each day he drives bus he pulls up outside the house of Lydia Despain. Lydia is a young girl that has had some problems with a seizure disorder. This disorder has placed her into a wheelchair. Although the Despains have an aluminum ramp outside, it is not adequate for Lydia’s use every day. Thomas decided to build a new ramp for Lydia. Good job Thomas! To read the full article go here.

Picture courtesy of Fox 5 Atlanta.


Our next story comes from Boston Police Department (BPD). This story involves SWAT. Now I know what you are thinking. But, I did not say S.W.A.T. You see, SWAT is a cat who lives with the BPD S.W.A.T team. Almost four years ago, a mangy no-named cat showed up and started harassing the police department. She would walk straight up to officers without fear, and a lion’s pride about her, and demand tummy rubs. Officers were distracted and sometimes SWAT became a tripping hazard. Eventually, the officers took her in gave her the original name of SWAT. In 2015, there was a reported city-wide panic when SWAT disappeared. She came back after a month and the officers were so overjoyed, that they wept with happy tears for days.

Now, SWAT has a new shelter befitting her status at the BPD. The officers have built her a kitty condo, which comes with windows to peer out of during the nasty days, and a porch to bask upon during the nice warmer days. To read the full story, go here.

Pictures courtesy of BPD.

I really hope you enjoyed these bits of happy news. We will keep going out there and finding happy stories, you just need to come back here and read them. Subscribe to our little website and receive a little happy directly in your email.



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