I Think Pink is Definitely His Color

I keep seeing this Meitu app. Apparently it’s like a one stop photo shop for your face. It highlights enhances, and erases unwanted blemishes. Cool, right? No wonder I keep seeing so many girls use it. I downloaded it with every intention of making Neko look ridiculous. Unfortunately it told me “No human faces detected” when I tried. That’s fine. Know who has like, the best “human face” for this kind of thing?


This man loves me beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“Oh….that’s…nice” –Launie says with a half-hearted smile as he processes the fact that he’s about to be an internet superstar. “What’s up with my hair?”

Curiosity tends to get the better of me…as I ran the picture through a second time.

“Where did my hair go?” Launie looks slightly concerned despite the fact that he’s rockin some serious cat eye.

“I-well now pretty much all of my hair is gone.”


“What’s happening to my eyes?” Followed by a slightly horrified silence.

“I look like an alien!!”

The fun ended when the app could no longer detect a human face. I may have enjoyed the creation of this post slightly more than Launie did.

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