Happy Monday Morning News! 02/20/17

Good Morning!

I know. No one should be this chipper on a Monday morning. I’m right there with you. It’s just not right. The catch here, is that I’ve been up all night, so this is like my evening. Before you go trudging out into the world this morning check these out! I’ve rounded up five things in the recent news that don’t suck! All good things. No politics, no crimes, not people being awful to each other. Five good things to help restore your faith in humanity just a little bit before commencing the daily grind that threatens to crush your very soul.

I’m kidding! It’s not that bad! At least I hope it’s not!


Ok, enough of that. Let’s get to it!

#1 Did You See the Westminster Dog Show last week?

I really don’t stay up on things like this, but there was something that caught my eye: Mia the beagle puppy. Omg. If I were a dog person, I would likely own a herd of beagles….is that a thing? A herd of beagles? Anyways. While running the course for the agility competition, little Mia couldn’t seem to keep her cute little fuzzy head in the game. Her distractedness was completely adorable. She didn’t win the competition, but she certainly made an impression.

Here’s where I saw the article on The Huffington Post.


#2 A Squirrel Helped Apprehend a Burglar!

Not even kidding. How cool is that?

Ok, so this could easily have been a very sad story. This guy comes home and sees footprints in the snow. In the house he noticed some things missing. This would totally freak me out. Fortunately for Adam Pearl, his squirrel buddy had his back. When the suspect was caught and brought in for questioning they noticed scratches all over his hands. Apparently, Joey, the adorable little crime fighter, attacked the burglar until he fled the house. How cool is that?? Here’s the link, though if you Google Joey the Squirrel you’ll find a ton of images of his adorable little face.


#3 Volunteers in India Planted 50 Million Trees in 24 Hours

Fifty million. Give that a moment to sink in. That’s incredible! This is the most trees planted in a single day ever. There’s a lot of planning and agreements that went into place that made this happen that you can read about here.

Let’s all just take a moment to think about how awesome 50 million trees would look? This just makes me happy to think about!

#4 Thinking About Taking a Trip?

If so, Wow Air has you covered. They’re offering flights to Europe for as little as $69! This is not a drill, people! Pack your bags, it’s time to take a break from the rat race. The catches are…because there’s always catches: they’re likely to fill up these flights quick, they only leave from a handful of U.S cities, and there’s layovers in the airline’s base of operation: Iceland (which really doesn’t seem like a big drawback). Here’s where I found this out. Take a look!

#5 By the end of 2017 China’s Ivory Trade will be Officially Closed!


The global market for ivory has been closed since 1989, but the domestic market in China has been alive and well this whole time. With the elephant population dwindling to as low as 415,000 (That’s less than the number of trees they planted in India), the timing is critical. If you want to read up on the details I left out, here it is!


Well, that’s all I have for you for now. I hope you guys have a great day out there!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Monday Morning News! 02/20/17

  1. WOW .. 50 Million Trees in 24 Hours that amazing … Thanks for sharing this useful post. At least I go to know about something which I was not aware… Keep posting !


  2. I love this blog! The world needs more people willing to push the GOOD news forward and maybe it will weed out some of the bad. Of course, yes, we know it still happens, but still, there’s no outlet to know that “good” still happens and hasn’t been completely forsaken.

    THANK YOU! 🙂

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