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Can you believe it’s Monday already? Sometimes it feels like I blink and the weekend is over. I was always a big advocate of putting an extra day between Saturday and Sunday, but apparently I don’t have that kind of power.

With daylight savings having just happened, this Monday is extra tough. I know several people that get all up in arms about daylight savings and think that we should just do away with it. Me? I don’t really care. It makes my sunny summer days longer, and I’m totally down with that. Besides, most of my clocks reset themselves, so it’s really not that bad. What are your thoughts? Do you think we should get rid of daylight savings or just leave it be?

While you think about that, here’s a few interesting things I’ve come across in the news that ISN’T awful. It’s getting harder and harder to find these days, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find little gems like these!

#1 Lawyer Lawyer Pants on Fire

This lawyers’ pants LITERALLY caught fire…during his closing arguments…in an ARSON case! WHAT? How is this even real life right now?

I mean, imagine this:

You’re sitting in the jury box, trying to discern the truth of the case so that you can make a fair and sound judgment because a persons’ future is on the line here. As you’re listening to the closing remarks of an attorney trying his best to persuade you that his client did NOT set his own car on fire…and suddenly smoke comes billowing out of his pants.


The guilty verdict came as no surprise.

The incident was blamed on a faulty e-cigarette in his pocket. Of all the ironic times for this to happen. As far as I can tell, the lawyer wasn’t seriously hurt, but I’m sure the effects of this scorched earth situation are going to be burned into this hotshot lawyer’s mind for some time now.   Hahaha…ok, I’ll stop now. This is too easy. Here’s the link to the article.


#2 NASA found Seven New Planets!

How freaking cool is this? Not just one, but SEVEN of them! Check it out!

Naturally, the great people of the internet, decided that they need names, and they do, but…wow. This reminds me of time when the Natural Environment Research Council decided it’d be a good idea to start a public campaign to allow people to name a boat. They weren’t real thrilled with the lead name contender, but they’d already agreed to let the public decide…and Boaty McBoatface was born.

Pretty sure this was NOT what they had in mind…



Here’s the link so you can peruse the suggestions that are still coming in under the Twitter hashtag: #7namesfor7newplanets

I have a feeling that if Nasa isn’t careful, one of these new seven may wind up being forever known as Planet McPlanetFace…

#3 The Most Fuzzy Adorable Feel Good Story I Could Find

So this woman goes and adopts a cat, one of two brothers, from a shelter. She soon came to regret not adopting the brother too and went back, but the cat was gone. Later, the woman is on a date with a guy she met on Tinder when they discover that HE was the one who adopted the other cat! What are the chances? The two continued to date, fell in love, and the two fuzzy brothers are happily reunited!

How adorable is that??

Here’s an article with pictures and more detail. Too Cute.

#4 It’s National Napping Day! 

No, I didn’t know that was a thing either, but in the midst of Finals Week, this is looking to be the amazing holiday ever. The things I learn on Twitter 🙂 And to think I almost missed this! Seriously though…


And on that note, I’m going to go snuggle on my own cats, eat some breakfast, and work on a paper for school, and observe the nap holiday! I hope you find time to do the same!

Have a great Monday!

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