What I Didn’t Know About Cold Brew

Had anyone told me that cold brew coffee had more caffeine than coffee brewed with hot water, maybe things would have been different. Maybe. Apparently the heat in hot brewing methods tends to extract some of the caffeine, making that steaming cup of delicious perfection a slightly tamer version of what it could have been had we brewed it in cold water and let it live up to its full potential.

Another thing that probably would have been good to know is that cold brew should be used as a concentrate…meaning it should, in theory, be cut with water or creamer.

Though I have a Keurig, which gets all the love and attention it needs each day, I decided recently to try something a little different. Making iced coffee in the summer makes sense, but sadly, that wasn’t the true motivating factor.

It was all about this…


Look at how beautiful that is!

Unfortunately I’m a sucker for aesthetics. I am the person that marketing companies target with their shiny foo foo packaging.

Show me a bargain on olive oil and I may be tempted.

Show me a terrible deal on what’s likely the same olive oil in cute little bottles and I’ll buy every last one of them.

I’m not unaware of my flaws. Launie is good at running interference between me and my crazy and I’m grateful for it. He throws out logic and I try to skirt around it. Then he throws out math and I usually get so disgusted that I walk away (I hate math with a flaming passion of a thousand white hot suns). Ultimately I’ll walk out of the store relieved that I didn’t buy zillions olive oils in fancy bottles and praise myself for the self-restraint.

With the cold brew, however, there was no self-restraint. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more: the way the cream cut through the dark brew like clouds on a stormy night, or the fact that we drank them from mason jars…all five of them.



The funny thing about the intense caffeination that comes from excessive cold brew is that unlike regular coffee, there’s no jittery feeling. Where the heck was this during finals??



Speaking of which, finals are finally over and I’m the proud owner of a shiny new Bachelor’s Degree! I’m not gonna lie, there was a time during finals that I really thought I might not make it. Days without sleep, stress beyond comprehension. Now that it’s all said and done, I’m finding that I’m busier now than I was then! The house fell into a state of disrepair, I have to find writing gigs, apply for college so I can get my M.F.A, and finish writing my book…which is coming along slow, but getting there.

How am I getting through all of this? I’ll let you know after a few more glasses of cold brew…


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