VegeFest 2017

Today marked my second adventure at VegeFest. VegeFest is exactly what you would expect it to be…a large accumulation of vegans all in one central location…eating veggies. It’s become an annual tradition in Spokane and Michael wouldn’t miss it for the world. Though I’m not even remotely vegan, I am inherently curious. Sometimes it’s good to see how the other half live. So here are the highlights from my VegeFest Adventure:

I left the house with bacon breath:

I hadn’t planned it that way. It was on this day that I learned that Michael can teleport and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. Dude lives like 20 minutes away, texts and says he’s leaving the house…three minutes later he’s here. WTF? I chugged my coffee and we left. I found some gum in my purse, but I could still taste the bacon my Launie so lovingly made me before I took off. Mmmm bacon.

Michael spent a good majority of the time avoiding my camera:

I got so many pictures that I’m not allowed to share…because of someone. I’ll let you guess who…

Michael upset the security staff with his shirt:

We hadn’t even been there a full two minutes when a career security guard walked by with his shiny badge and Ray-Bans walks by and takes a long looooong look at Michael’s “Normal People Scare me” t-shirt. His brow visibly furrowed and I swear the guy stalked us, probably to make sure that Michael didn’t knock over any displays or anything during our visit.


There were so many cute animals!

 I’m not entirely certain of why there are so many animals at VegeFest, but I’m glad that there are. Maybe they’re trying to say that “we shouldn’t be eating them, look at how cute they are!” But who’s eating kittens anyway?

Omfg no one better be eating kittens.

Soooo many animals

Michael wanted to drink an entire dispenser of Isagenix:

 Standing in the middle of a crowd, Michael leans in and says something to me as he point over at a large container of orange liquid. which I assume was “Do you think they’ll be mad if I chug that?” but was probably actually, “Let’s try that!”

When the two girls stationed at the tent noticed our gaze fixated on the neon drink, one of them approached, “Can I answer any questions?”

“Yeah,” I cut in before Michael could say anything, “My friend wants to know if you’d be mad if he picked up the juice container and chugged it.”

I love Michael’s indignant face. Seriously, it’s the best. Pair that with the look of shock on the girl’s face as she desperately searched for a way to respond and it was perfection.

I tried some vegan food…and it didn’t suck!

One of my favorite parts about VegeFest, besides the adorable animals, is the samples. This gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, organically sourced, sugar free brownie was delicious!

I had some vegan ice cream that was really tasty, some freeze dried bits of corn and some candied pecans and almonds.

I scored a bag of vegan marshmallows!

And then I scored again with Michael’s bag of vegan marshmallows!

So yeah, all in all we had a great time and will be going back next year without a doubt. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find out exactly how many vegan marshmallows I can stuff in my mouth at one time.

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