In Lieu of Productivity…

I have officially reached that point where there is so much that I could (should) be doing, that somehow my brain has rationalized that the best course of action is to none of it. Perhaps I have overwhelmed myself, I don’t know. Despite my brain’s ability to focus and get crap done, I’m still staying busy…just not in an incredibly productive way.

The War on Bugs

Anyone else having a large influx of bugs this year? After all my bitching about winter, summer is finally here…and there are bugs everywhere. I killed a fly the other shaped like a B2 Bomber and we’re being overrun with pincher bugs. I’ve been trying to find ways to keep these jerks out of the house…particularly spiders. Spokane has some of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen…and I’ve lived in the Mojave Desert. I’ve seen spiders, but nothing prepared me for this. They’re already starting to come inside and fall isn’t even here yet.


Mom: Have you seen those spikey spiders?

Me: Wtf no. I think I’d burn the place down and move if I saw that.

Mom: Ok, well maybe not “spiky,” They-…they rear up at you when you go to kill them with one leg straight up like they’re saying “TO BATTLE!!”


Mom: Like the Princess Bride!

 Yeah, I guess I can see it.

We Had a Ton of Fun at Michael’s House

I love game night. I really do. We always have so much fun. Ellen, Michael’s super fluffy pooch is the cutest. She could probably make me into a dog person all by herself. She’s perhaps the only dog I’ve ever met that I actually, genuinely, really liked. Look at this face!!

 Ugh. She’s so freaking adorable.

And then there’s this face.

I told Michael that he reminds me of Corky Ramano…he just kind of looked at me weird. That’s ok, he’ll get it if he ever watches the darn movie.


Michael, watch the movie!

I Haven’t Seen Angelica in Ages


She’ll say she’s “busy” but I know it’s crap. I think she’s hiding. Intentionally.

It’s cool. Go ahead and hide. I will find you…

And when I do…


Yeah. That’s right. And when you least expect it.


I’ve Done Some Writing

Not much, mind you, but I’ve done some. I adore my new client and I’m waiting for my topic list. I’ve written exactly a paragraph in my book and I’m contemplating an article for Listverse.

And that’s it. Exciting, I know. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go plan my “reunion” with Angelica…


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