My name is Melynda Sorrels. I’m a writer, student, reckless blogger, dreamer, and an aficionado of all things funny or caffeinated. I have an odd sense of humor and a tendency to smile at the most inappropriate times. I’m married to my best friend Launie who helps me run the site; I blog about him and my stepdaughter equally and unscrupulously.

Meet the Crew!

These are the poor poor people I like to write about the most.

Launie (and Neko): Husband, best friend, and partner in my many adventures.Neko is just weird. Cute, fuzzy and incredibly weird.

My mother: My mother enjoys long strolls through the grocery store, hoarding grocery sales papers to read about holiday platters at a later date, crossword puzzles, hygge, and anything with a cat face on it.

Angelica and Fan Brush: Stepdaughter (but we don’t use that word because it’s weird), partner in crime, and (often unwilling) participant in my lunacy. Fan Brush is one of Angelica’s biggest fans!

Michael won’t let me show is face, but he pops up regularly in the blog. Think of him like Wilson from Home Improvement.

Life’s tough sometimes. Despite all logic, laugh anyways!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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